Sample Questions for few scenarios of Chat Bot of Federal Bank
You will need some of the ways in which customers ask questions for each scenario for e.g. These are the examples of first question in each scenario, students are expected to create variety of questions for every subsequent question which customer can ask.
  1. Some of the ways the customers ask Balance Enquiry are the following
    1. What is my balance
    2. How much money do I have in my account
    3. Whats my account balance
    4. Account balance please
  2. Some of the ways the customers can ask Account Statement to email Ids
    1. Send my account details to my email
    2. Send my statement for the last one year to my email account
    3. email me my statement for the last month
  3. Some of the ways the customers can ask Fund transfer
    1. I want to transfer funds to another account
    2. please transfer 5000 rs to my friends account
    3. how do i transfer money to another account
    4. What is the process to transfer money to another bank account
  4. Some of the ways the customers can ask Fixed deposit opening
    1. I want to open an FD
    2. Whats the process to open an FD
    3. Can I open an FD from here
    4. How do I open an FD account
  5. Mobile Recharge : Mobile recharge of phone through ones bank account.
  6. BYOM loans Be your own Master : Loan processing through simple steps details on