Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Research Showcase?

The IIIT Delhi Research Showcase is annual two-day event to showcase research and development efforts of IIIT Delhi to the world.

2. What does Research Showcase contain?

Research showcase contain invited Research Talks, Poster Session, Hardware Hackathon, Byldathon, TechQuiz, Elevator Pitch and much more.

3. Who can participate in Research Showcase?

Research Showcase is intended for faculty/students of other institutes, industry professionals, students and other tech-savvy visitors.

4. What work can be submitted in Research Showcase?

Any peer reviewed published work can be presented as a poster at Poster Session and any other creative and consolidated ideas which are not yet published can be demonstrated in Elevator Pitch.

5. Why should I submit my work in Research Showcase?

The work will be judged by top researchers from industry as well as from academia on the basis of quality of work and awards will be presented to the Best Technical Posters and Most Innovative Ideas.

6. Can I submit more than one poster?

At max. two entries are allowed per participant. Also one participant can register for more than one event given that there is no intersection of event timings.

7. What poster dimensions should I use?

Prepare your posters in A0 paper size in portrait mode. You will need to bring a printed copy of your poster to the poster session. We will arrange for the necessary support system (poster stands, clips etc.).

8. Will I be provided any equipment required for Hardware Hackathon?


9. What will be the team size for Elevator Pitch?

Max team size could be five for elevator pitch, but only one person will be given chance to present his/her team’s work during two minute slot.

10. I don't see my question here. Who can answer it?

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