Hardware Hackathon (Theme: Internet of Things)

Few Ideas

1. Indoor localization challenge (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, GSM, NFC all are allowed)

Indoor localization is quite well studied topic in research community, even Microsoft organised a challenge last year with IPSN 2014 to find best suited approach for localization. We want to conduct similar design challenge here. Possible methods could be existing like RSSi based triangulation, RF Imaging, NFC based location tagging/sensing or the team can propose a new technique for localization as well.

2. Two wheel self balancing robot

Balancing could be done with the help of a microcontroller using sensor feedback, which is having a well defined input-output & comparison algorithm which will give feedback it to stand on its own. But what if you need to build this with simple comparator circuits. This is a time limited challenge.

3. Sound localization

The idea is to use time delays between signals from “N” microphones to localize the sound vector. This is very similar to GPS localization using Cellphone towers in which minimum 3 towers are required to localize a point . This would require sampling of time delay between the “N” microphones to calculate the correct origin.

4. Gesture based security system

Design a security system that can be unlocked using gestures. A particular pattern or gesture could be used for unlocking the device.

5. Vehicle tracking using network of cameras installed on the road

Design a security system to track a known suspicious vehicle using multiple cameras installed on the road/rooftop. Each camera will be 100 meters apart and the system will have prior knowledge of the road/rooftop. The expected output has to be a line/curve fitting to the trajectory of the path followed by the vehicle. The participants are expected to emulate the scene on the rooftop of IIIT-Delhi academic building.

6. Surveillance system using PIR sensor and camera

Design a surveillance system using PIR sensor that can trigger the camera to capture video/frames. Further accept/reject the data based on significant motion detection in the captured frames.


Apart from these ideas participants are free to choose their own idea but with a constraint that it should fall under the category of IOT. Please note that the hardware support from IIITD will be provided only for the projects listed but with an exception for computing platforms (like Intel Galileo, Arduino’s).

Incase you have any queries, contact sanchit12156@iiitd.ac.in, manojg@iiitd.ac.in or vibhutesh1494@iiitd.ac.in

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