Hardware Hackathon (Theme: Internet of Things)


Do you have the spark in you that makes you stand out? Then come and showcase your talent at the most happening hardware hackathon in the town. IOT Hackathon is a week long hardware hackathon in RS’15 in which teams come together to make awesome things happen!

Event Details

Initial set of design problems will be released on 1st March, 2015 followed by the beginning of hackathon on 07th March with participants submitting their proposals along with the list of components. The selected proposals will be intimated by 10th March and will be called onsite for a fun filled 24 hour long event. You are allowed to bring in your own components provided they are verified by our team.
List of ideas for IOT.

Team size

You can come along with your team or may interact with lone wolfs onsite and form a wolfpack! Ideally a team should consist of a hardware guy, the software geek and a tinkerer. But teams are free to make any combination. Maximum team size would be restricted to 4 (four).

Prizes and Judging

The prizes are judged on three categories : Innovation-How innovative and novel your prototype is, what is the Market Scope of your product and the Jury reviews.

Incase you have any queries, contact sanchit12156@iiitd.ac.in, manojg@iiitd.ac.in or vibhutesh1494@iiitd.ac.in

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